From the June 21 - 27, 2002 print edition of the NBJ in the


Nashville Notes Section by Judy Sarles

Artistic update for Old Hickory

When law firm Farmer & Luna needed a portrait of President Andrew Jackson for the conference room in the firm's new offices, it turned to partner William Farmer's son, Neale, who is an art student and a bouncer at a Murfreesboro bar.

Farmer & Luna's offices are at 333 Union St., the location of the former law firm of Jackson and pioneer attorney John Overton.

The firm waited and waited for the portrait to be delivered and grew anxious as the time for its open house grew near. Finally, the portrait was unveiled, but it wasn't what the law firm expected.

Instead of a traditional piece of 19th century style art appropriate for a law firm conference room, it turned out to be a modern-art painting worthy of Picasso. Modern technique aside, one can still make out to Jackson's visage, but a change of venue for the portrait was quickly arranged. The colorful painting now resides in a smaller meeting room, where it has become a continual conversation piece.